Temperature measurement outside the tag



to measure a temperature on a specific place outside the tag, for example on a radiator, it would be useful to extend the tag (the temperature sensor) with a cable of maybe 10 centimeter. Would this be possible?

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Yes, it is possible to add external sensors.

Prototyping is easy. Just run Espruino on your RuuviTag and you’re almost ready to go. One might find these interesting:




Its possible to use external sensor with Ruuvitag, see attached image. We used DS18B20 temperature sensor and attached it to GPIO pin. I’m not even into electronics, but still I was able make required connections. Prototyping was easy with Espruino, code below

var ow = new OneWire(4);
device = ow.search()[0]; // search returns an array of device IDs
if (device===undefined)
print(“No OneWire devices found”);

print(“Getting temp”);

var sensor = require(“DS18B20”).connect(ow);

setInterval(function() {
}, 1000);


Hi. Is there any detailed instructions available how to connect 1-wire sensors to Ruuvi? Plan is to connect several 1-wire sensors (=1-wire network) to Ruuvi. 1-wire network is powered by own power supply.

If we use espruino fw in Ruuvi, can we still use RuuviStation mobile app for reading sensors ?


Hey. Are you not going to use DS18 sensors? If not, what kind of sensors?

I’m not sure if anyone has shared Espruino code snippets about using Ruuvi’s official sensor data formats but it’s definitely possible to do so. Just follow the spec:


Sensors are DS18. Currently i have 4 sensors in one network, powered with 5vdc USB power supply.