Ruuvi Station web browser interface updates

Hello everyone!
This thread is about keeping you up to date about updates to

A new update was published today with UI improvements to the sensor page and made it possible to share sensors from the web.
Coming up next will be the possibility to configure alerts!

If you encounter any issues you can post here on the forum or open an issue directly on GitHub Issues · ruuvi/com.ruuvi.station.webui · GitHub

Ideas for new features you’d like to see can be posted/voted for here


A few new things has been sneaking into

Most notable:

  • Alerts can now be configured
  • Sensor offset calibration setting
  • Data is now refreshed every minute
  • Possibility to zoom graph on mobile
  • Login page improvements
  • Many UI tweaks

Enjoy! :slight_smile:
(If you don’t see the new features, refresh the page)


A new update is out (has been out for a few days).
Noteworthy changes in v0.2.3 are:

  • Added new humidity units: absolute ( g/m^3 ) & dew point ( °C / °F / K )
  • Added new pressure units: pascal ( Pa ), millimeter of mercury ( mmHg ) & inch of mercury ( inHg )
  • Added settings page for unit selection
  • Added CSV export
  • Speed-up, data fetched is now cached and only new data is fetched
  • Fixed issue where sensors without pressure sensor would show a pressure value
  • Improved graph x-axis date/time formatting
  • … and a lot of minor UI improvements

If you have ideas for new features or improvements you’d like to see, please let us know!

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Thanks for the updates!

Please have a look at my recent post: Jumpy page elements

Some new features

  • Easy comparison between two or more sensors
    ** Side-by-side comparison of different sensors
    ** Sensor comparison in the same chart
    ** Comparing the difference between two sensors (this maybe difficult if the data points do not have the same timestamp


  • The Finnish version of the summary view says “Kertaa” on each chart. It should be “kertaa”
  • The time axis in the summary view is a little confusing, with times and dates, and with non-standard time format (should be 12.00, not 12:00 in Finnish). I admit that using the proper time format would make the time axis even more confusing. I would leave the time out altogether

There has not been a post here in a while but we have been tweaking and updating the page. Current release is now v0.2.11 and includes the following changes:

  • Reduced data usage by caching and not fetching unnecessarily dense data
  • Allow editing alert range before enabling alert
  • Fixed issue with fetching data older than ~3 months would not show
  • Added zoom info button
  • Added new popup for info messages
  • Accordions open/close state is now synced between sensors and remembered
  • Many UI tweaks, and other small + less small bug fixes :slight_smile:

v0.2.12 is released.

Changes are:

  • Alert view improvement
  • New button style
  • Auto-focus input fields in dialogs
  • Latest datapoint is now always shown, regardless on how old it is
  • UI tweaks & some minor bug-fixes

v.0.2.13 is released.


  • Last updated text now shows days if data is older than 24h
  • Graph legend hides when the cursor is not hovering over it
  • Settings page is converted to a popup view
  • Bugfixes

0.2.14 is released.


  • Added hover effect to dashboard cards
  • Many UI tweaks all over
  • Minor bugfixes

0.2.15 is released.


  • More sensor values are now shown on top of the sensor page
  • Possibility to upload a sensor background image by clicking the round letter/image on the sensor page
  • Tweaks to history loading
  • Fixed issue where graph would not show if a sensor has sent invalid data
  • UI fixes

0.3.0 is released.


  • Added battery OK/replace text below battery voltage
  • Sensor page will now load graph data separately from current to reduce loading time
  • Removed duplicate values and replaced “NaN” values with “-” in csv export
  • UI tweaks

0.3.4 is released.


  • Dark mode! You can switch back to light mode by clicking the sun icon in the top right corner
  • UI tweaks to light mode
  • Graph now keeps zoom when selecting a different sensor type (ie. temperature → humidity)
  • Fixed issue where history would not load fully
  • Fixed issue where movement alert would not show
  • Many other small UI tweaks and fixes

0.3.6 is released.


  • All the cards on the sensor page and dashboard are now the same size
  • Minor UI fixes
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0.4.1 is released.


  • New dashboard view with sensor images
  • New compact mobile view
  • Added sensor resolution settings
  • Added ±0.5 range on graph y-axis
  • Fixed bug where you could not enter negative numbers for alerts
  • Fixed issue were new alerts did not get their min/max values applied
  • Added 2 weeks history option
  • The page now scroll to top on page change
  • UI improvements
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0.5.1 is released.


  • Added sensor type dropdown to change graph & main stat on dashboard cards
  • Improved dashboard data loading
  • Allow multiple login code attempts
  • Pressing enter in dialogs view now saves and closes the dialog
  • Fixed issue with absolute humidity & dew point not showing in dashboard view
  • Minor UI changes & fixes
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0.6.1 is released.


  • Added news banner to keep users informed about updates and important information.
  • Added My Ruuvi Account page where users can see and activate their Ruuvi Cloud plan.
  • Moved login page to a new location: Station - Ruuvi.
  • Added changelog link for users to view the latest updates.
  • Replaced the graph/image toggle button on the dashboard with a dropdown list for better usability.
  • Improved the latest 1d data resolution on graph when a long time range is selected.
  • Fixed issue where the graph would not load properly when quickly switching between sensor pages.
  • Fixed rounding issues when setting temperature alarm in Fahrenheit.
  • A few bug fixes and user interface improvements.
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0.6.2 is released.


  • Disabled data export button until all data is completely loaded to prevent missing data in exports

0.6.3 is released.


  • Unified CSV export format with mobile apps
  • Added subscription name next to the Ruuvi logo
  • UI tweaks

0.6.5 is released.


  • Added support for signal (rssi) alert
  • Added subscription name next to the logo
  • Tweaks to csv export format to match ruuvi station mobile format
  • UI improvements

0.7.0 is released.


  • Added simple view to dashboard
  • Added low battery indicator on dashboard cards
  • Added show dots option for graphs (can be turned on/off in settings)
  • Added min/max/average stats below the graph on the sensor page
  • Sensor view now shows how many users the sensor is shared to on the sensor page
  • Improved graph data highlighting on mobile
  • Improved graph zoom on mobile (x- & y-axis now zoom independently)
  • Improved graph style
  • Fixed issue where graphs would not resize