Ruuvi Station web browser interface updates

Good updates, thanks for these. Some comments

  • Average - Does the average take sampling frequency into account, or is the average just a simple numerical average of all measurement values within the selected viewing range?
  • “Kuva” - The Finnish menu text “Näytä/Piilota kuvat” is a little misleading. I thought it was about the background pictures, not the plots, i.e., “kuvaajat”
  • Data points - I can switch the data points on and off. Could you mention in the settings that this applies only to the per-sensor view, and not the dashboard?

Thanks for the updates!.


0.8.0 is released.


  • Added search on dashboard. It searches both on sensor name and MAC address.
  • Added alert bell to dashboard cards
  • Added support for older RuuviTag firmware (URL format)
  • Added graph loading indicator
  • Dashboard graphs now include the latest data-point
  • Disabled time range selector if dashboard type does not show graphs
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to download CSV before data was fully loaded
  • Removed autocomplete from login code input
  • Fixed pressure alert range
  • HTTP calls reduced for free mode sensors
  • Added info about alerts for free mode sensors

0.8.1 is released.


  • Added a ‘add sensor’ dialog for manually claiming sensors by mac address
  • Graphs lines now have gaps if data is missing for more than 1 hour
  • Dashboard search no longer includes mac addresses
  • Fixed dashboard sensor selector when using simple view

0.9.0 is released.


  • Added alarm limits on graphs
  • Added French and German language support
  • Added 3-dot-menu to dashboard cards
  • Added alert bell to sensor alert settings
  • Fixed graph stats overlap
  • Fixed issue where sensor history min stat would be 0 if there where graps in data
  • UI tweaks & fixes
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0.9.1 is released.


  • Improved graph resolution on dashboard
  • Added cloud connection alert (Ruuvi Cloud Pro & Business)
  • Added alert delay setting (Ruuvi Cloud Business)
  • Show owners subscription level for shared sensors
  • Increased sensor picture upload resolution
  • Allow adding sensor with no existing sensors
  • Fixed settings dialog not opening
  • Fixed search bar duplication on tablets
  • Fixed alert line display outside graph
  • UI tweaks

0.9.2 is released.


  • Language setting is now stored in the cloud, this will allow web, mobile and emails to use the same language
  • Alerts are now triggered locally and no longer relies on alert state from the cloud
  • Fixed issue where login page would not know that a user was signed in
  • Improved graph average calculation performance
  • UI fixes