Jumpy page elements

When I move between sensors in the web interface, I click the arrows to move back and forth (see picture). Unfortunately, when the page is being drawn, the arrows do not stay in place. When I press an arrow, these 3 symbols move left, and my cursor, which was on one symbol, may now be on another one. Only when the full page has been completed, the symbols are back to their original places.

Would it be possible to freeze the page layout during the drawing of the page? I prefer safe clicking, and if the buttons move back and forth, I have to click a moving target. Not nice.


Thanks for reporting it, buttons moving around is not fun at all.
I played around a bit and found if the browser window is not tall enough, the scrollbar will disappear and the appear again making the page shift to the left and then back when loading.

Is this what you are experiencing too?

I created an issue on github Stop scrollbar from making the page shrink/expand when loading · Issue #90 · ruuvi/com.ruuvi.station.webui · GitHub

Correct, it is the “scroll bar effect”. I missed that.

About the window height: I wonder if anyone using a landscape display has a tall enough screen to avoid this. My guess is that almost all people see this problem.