Does any Bluetooth 4.0 adapter work?

I could not find out if common Bluetooth 4.0 adapters will work with Ruuvitags. They don’t seem have any information about being Bluetooth Smart Ready and I could not find conclusive information whether I need something special or not. How do you know if certain USB Bluetooth adapter will work with Ruuvitag?

Some adapters that can be found on local shops: Hama and Belkin. Is either of these any good or can you recommend something else? I would not like to purchase an adapter that can not be used for what I intended it for. I already know that my laptop and tablet do work with Ruuvitags but my desktop is missing Bluetooth and that’s why I’m looking for an adapter.

Not all “Bluetooth 4.0” adapters work, there is “Bluetooth Classic” and “Bluetooth Low Energy” (often referred as 4.0+), and not all adapters support both modes. RuuviTags, at least by default, use Bluetooth Low Energy, so you need an adapter that supports that. The Asus USB-BT400 is available on many local shops here and is known to work and is being used by at least a few RuuviTag users. :slight_smile: Additionally, the built-in bluetooth on a Raspberry PI 3 is known to work as well, if you happen to use that.

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Thank you! It seems that this Asus is one of the few that actually advertises Low Energy capability on its product page. Btw, most of those shops are quite far from here. The one that is not didn’t have it on shelf at the brick and mortar store so I had to order it online anyway… Well, posti tuo ja posti vie or something.

It is odd that there is this Bluetooth Smart which means the same as BLE, but I haven’t seen anyone using that term. Wikipedia says that BLE is marketed as Bluetooth Smart.