Orange pi 2g-iot as a Gateway Device

Last summer I had A Rpi 3 + old tablet and solar panel set up running on my beehive. The problem was that the set up was consuming way too much electricity to be running 24/7.

I am trying Rpi zero w with a GPRS HAT for next summer.

But I was thinking could Orange Pi 2g-iot Device work also. It has all the bells and whistles but also a big IF. The BT version on the thing is only 2.1 so can it connect with the Ruuvitags?
I am trying out the setup nevertheless as I already have it at hand but I am not hopefull.

Question is:
“Can this work as a gateway for the ruuvitags?”

Not directly, you’d need at least Bluetooth 4.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy support at least with the normal ruuvitag firmware. On the other hand that device seems to have one usb host port, meaning you can plug a compatible usb ble dongle in it and it should work, at least from the hardware perspective. I don’t know about the software side of things regarding that board though.

Hi Mikko
I want to do the same but have ten hives.
Looked at the meazurem option but frankly its too expensive and I dont need SMS alerts.
I was thinking an android phone is pretty cheap and can run on a solar panel indefinitely and the data could be sent and processed by an app on an old pc.