Hardware Recommendations

I’ve played around with a project that involves taking readings from several RuuviTags, but it’s a bit of a headache since every time I update my code I have to move it to my Raspberry Pi, stop the running version of the monitor, then restart it using the new source. I’m in the market for a new laptop and while I’m shopping I’d like to look at options that will be able to interface with my RuuviTags. This post mentions a specific USB adapter that will work, but I’d rather not need to have an adapter plugged in all the time if I can help it.

Can anyone tell me what to look for in Bluetooth hardware/firmware specifications that would let me know it’ll work with RuuviTags?

Right now I think I want something in the 13"-14" size range with reasonable/good battery life and a Bluetooth radio that’ll work with BLE. Current plan is to install some form of Debian on the machine to more closely emulate the Pi that will eventually host this project 24/7. Does anyone have any suggestions for particular models, or brands that tend to use the kind of Bluetooth radio I’m looking for?


I’ve always been happy with whatever my laptop has built-in or gotten an external dongle if necessary. For example some Windows laptops might need driver update to be able to use Noble / Espruino / etc and the updated driver might not work with Windows anymore. I’ve heard that things are better on Windows 10 though.

Chances are that any laptop which advertises itself as Bluetooth 4 or Bluetooth 4.2 compatible will work, aside of that caveat with Windows.