Will there be an official integration for gateway in home assistant?

just wanted to know if there will be an official integration for ruuvi gateway into home assistant (or at least an easy step-by-step guide for non-professionals). As far as i understood, it was advertised as an upcoming feature, but in your “development status and estimations” i cant find anything about that. Due to more stable connection and higher range the gateway was my purchase decision to move from aqara to ruuvitags, but until today im a bit disappointed about that decision.

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Integration development for third party services is scheduled to start in February - March, and Home Assistant is one of the integrations we are looking into. I cannot promise an exact schedule yet.

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I´m also waiting for official integration to HA.

I promise to buy more tags when we get that :wink:


Me too. I’m still struggling with integrating the Ruuvi Gateway with 1 Ruuvitag Pro sensor in Home Assistant. Hopefully Ruuvi will consider it as higher priority and make this integration sooner rather than later. If it works, I’m adding 8 more Ruuvitag Pro sensors in the setup.

Any news on this?

tbh, throw your gateway away and take the esp32 way. ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker Hub — ESPHome

We are currently looking into best way to add official support of RuuviTags into Home Assistant. It might be through the official Bluetooth sensor support, it might be using HTTP to poll Gateway’s /history endpoint, it might be to use the MQTT of Gateway.

All ideas are welcome on this

I would suggest using MQTT, since there is official support as well as an official add-on for running a MQTT broker, so the prerequisite set-up is easy for that part

When using MQTT, the gateway IP doesn’t need to be static (or even known), which would be a requirement for polling (mDNS and other local discovery solutions can “work around” this issue, but it’s not really reliable, some wifi routers block this as a privacy feature for example so it’d be a hassle)

Having the gateway doing http posts to HA would resolve this “issue” as well, but then again that would require “exclusive” use of the “http pushing” while a MQTT solutions is not exclusive in the sense that you can have practically any number of subscribers, so MQTT is a win there as well, making it much easier to use other integrations/services/tools in parallel

With MQTT, creating the device entities for the tags is trivial through MQTT Discovery, basically the integration would just need to publish appropriate messages to specific topics under the discovery prefix, which is how RuuviBridge for example does it

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tbh, I dont have skills and/or time to dive into something new :slight_smile: