Washing Machine monitor using movements

The ruuvi tag has an X-Y-Z accelerometer.
It reports the individual values, which when the tag is not moving describe its orientation (i.e. upside down, on edge,…). See garageDoorMonitor Garage door monitor

In addition, a trigger threshold is established which, when exceeded in any direction, increments the movementCounter.

One use is to observe significant vibrations like those which occur during the operation of a clothes washer.

A Ruuvi tag can be mounted on the door (or lid) of a washing machine.
The the opening of the door to load clothes can be observed and used to begin a cycle.
Subsequently the agitation, drain, spin, rinse, agitation, drain and finally idle can be observed.
Finally, the opening of the door for removal of the clothes can be observed.
Conversely, the entering of the idle state WITHOUT additional movement indicating the door being opened, can be used to initiate an alert to a remote user that the cycle is complete and that the clothes need to be moved to the dryer.

This can be implemented without change to the distributed firmware (version 2.5.9) on a Raspberry Pi Zero W with the ruuviBerry image using the influxdb select last(movementCounter)… from a cron job