WANTED: Research regarding home automation systems & RuuviTag

We get lot’s of questions all the time is it possible to integrate RuuviTags with different home automation systems. Our own hands are full of work and therefore we would like to get help on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are now looking for a help to:

  • Dig out what is possible and what kind of integrations are possible with main home automation systems on the market.
  • List different home automation systems and their connectivity
  • Write a short summary how it would be possible to connect RuuvITags to these systems. Keeping in mind that the solutions should be simple as possible without hacking for example with RaspberryPi.

This is a paid task and we can agree compensation for the work done.

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What are the objections to Raspberry Pi ?

  1. Poor physical packaging? I haven’t seen any cases with ONLY power access but there must be some out there.
  2. No web interface for configuration (for WiFI, RuuviCollector)?
  3. No “cloud” connection?
  4. Not fault tolerant?
  5. Insufficient certification?
    I’m not selling any RPi, just looking for clarification.

While Raspberry Pi is great for those users who have time, skills and interest in setting up their own systems, we’re looking to lower the barrier for entry for less technical users who want to integrate RuuviTags with e.g. Alexa.

Alexa supports BLE and can connect to them, but the question is how it then understands Ruuvitag messages?
I can list most common home automation systems and their interfaces. If you think this helps then contact me directly for further talks

I am using the ruuvicollector as my measurements hub to collect data from different points around my target area. Then as I don’t need immediate values I read in defined intervals the values from influxdb and convert that data with Python to suitable format and feed that to my control system e.g. fissio.
Same principle is used to make my own solutions with Raspberry with separate control units like in the picture with Automation hats etc. In these cases I like to keep measurements and control on separate computers.