Use RuuviTags with Hue/Osram/Zigbee?

I’ve been using my dozen or so RuuviTags with my Raspberry Pi W Zero (Influx/Grafana) for a while, all good there.

I recently purchased a few Osram smart power plugs and a Philips Hue Bridge. Not yet setup, but it uses the Zigbee technology as far as I can tell.

Any idea what I’d need to control my plugs based on RuuviTag info? Say Temperature <10C turn on heater (power plug)?

Any pointers in the right direction are appreciated !


Home Assistant or similar home autiomation software might be the solution for you. See

Homeassistant (hassos probably does not handle custom plugins) + ruuvitag custom plugin for homeassistant + automations within hass.

But you really check first how well Hue plays with Osram. IKEA Trådfri does not at all even when all of those use common ZigBee standard communication and IKEA has similar power plugs available.

DM if you need configuration examples or similar, I contacted plugin author to fix custom plugin in order to function with newer homeassistant installations so its documentation should be enough atm.

Plugin I mentioned: Ruuvitag integration to homeassistant (