Ruuvitag integration to homeassistant (


Short intro: hass is home automation software for raspberry pi. It has a lot of functionality with bunch of stuff but ruuvitag reading was not implemented so I decided to do it myself.

Just got reading values from two weather station ruuvi beacons working.
Screenshot from hass ui (fought with sensors, that is why measurement data history is pretty patchy)

If someone has idea how things could be handled smarter than having one copy of python file per beacon and/or value that needs to be read I would be grateful.

Link to github:

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Finally figured out how stuff should work.

Updated python script yesterday. Now there are 3 modes:

  • Batch - just put list of ruuvitag MACs and measurements from each are returned separated by :
  • Measurements from single ruuvitag, values are separated by :
  • Single measurement of single ruuvitag, define temp/pressure/humidity and only single value is returned

Added also configuration help to github for homeassistant. You need to get all the data with single command line execution in order to keep homeassistant environment happy. So you’ll add one sensor that includes all of the values and create a template which separates all the value to separate sensors.

Don’t mind the readings, they are accurate only after 15:00 today when all started finally working well.

Disclaimer: there might be issues with homeassistant web ui. Probably full reboot of raspberry due to power outage might have something to do with it. Or then not. Don’t know.


Hello…the simplest solution is obviously just door sensors configured to send notifications when the doors are opened in the time window when they typically arrive home from school. However, that will trip unnecessarily if my wife arrives home in that time window on her days off and wouldn’t tell me if each individual child has arrived home, just that someone entered.

pcb assembly x-ray inspection

Thanks to other contributor I got ruuvitags detected through ha custom components. See

And please look my bug report that should describe way to fix the sensor for post 0.91 homeassistant.

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Do you plan to include the acceleration detection also at some point?

You must ask from the plugin author:

I personally have no need for it.