RuuviTag-> Shelly -> MQTT (local solution)

For all users who are not a fan of cloud solutions and apps, my tutorial describes a way to transfer the values of the Ruuvi sensors locally to an MQTT broker and make them usable there for other home automation or to visualize them.

Visualisierung V2

The impetus for writing the tutorial came from this thread:

Tutorial download:
Ruuvi local to MQTT with Shelly V1.4 E (RF).pdf (1,6 MB)

Have fun with it.



New version V1.1 postet in the first post.

This is really cool, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I have electric radiators in my home, would it be possible to control Shelly Plugs directly with RuuviTag data?

e.g. if temperature drops below 17.8 C turn on the plug and if temperature rises above 18.2 C turn off the plug?

Hi @otso ,

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current form.

Of course it works via MQTT. For example, if you have an ioBroker or a similar system running, this would be relatively easy to implement.

I’m currently trying to learn myself Shelly scripting, but unfortunately I’m not ready to expand the script accordingly. I can’t (yet) promise anything about this.


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I uploaded a new version (1.2) of the tutorial in the first post.

Happy Sunday to you all.

New Version 1.3 of the tutorial in the first post.


Have a nice weekend. :smile:

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New Version 1.4 of the tutorial in the first post.


Have a nice sunday. :smile: