Ruuvi log perioid length

If i install ruuvi tag + android app without internet connection,
how long perioid does the android app store data?
I would need it to store months of data that i could export.
Place is without internet.

Second question, can I add second temp sensor or do I need another tag for that?

Android app stores up to 10 days of history.

For second temperature sensor you will need another tag.

I belive we have RuuviTag firmware that allow you to store longer period of history inside a RuuviTag memory. But I’m not sure how to extract it. Android or iOS app will only download latest 10 days from a tag. @otso is there any other options?

We do have some trial versions of firmware that logs at reduced interval, but those are not officially supported.

It would be possible to write a program to fetch longer data periods than 10 days, but overall we don’t have a good solution for logging months of data offline as of today

Thanks for the replies!
So not even in the android app can store automatically longer perioid? even if i keep it connected and charged all the time?

I don’t know what the logic is behind 10 days.

I have remote tags I visit and download data weekly. (usually). If I am unable to visit one week, on the next weekly visit, if I can only download 10 days, I will miss as many as 4 days!.

Although I don’t see a reason for a limit at all I would really like a ,minimum of 15 days (2 weeks +1 day).
Please reconsider.

I’m using my homeautomation totaly cloudfree.

However, I log the data live with ioBroker in real time using BLE connect MQTT (via Shelly)

Ruuvi logging

Maybe a solution for you. :wink:

No tämä pitäisi onnistua, pc:n kyllä tuonne tilaan saan ja vaikka wlaninkin.
Saako tämän softan ilmaiseksi ? tuolla shellyllä löytyy vaikka mitä

ioBroker is free for private using.

If it helps, I’m happy to write a small tutorial over the weekend on how to get the data into the ioBroker.

For the connection Shelly → iobroker you need WLAN / LAN.

Internet is not required.

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Here you see the JSON in the MQTT-Broker.


what do you actually need here, i dont get the hang of it ?
One ruuvi tag
wlan router
pc with wlan and bluetooth and installed iobroker

do i need shelly? only shelly i found is some kind of smart relay

As written, I’m just about to write a howto.

Please be patient.

I think, latest on monday or tuesday it will be online here.

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Yes, you need 1 ShellyPlus or ShellyPro device Within range of the RuuviTag.

In my case and in the guide (I’m writing) I’m using a ShellyPlus1PM. But ShellyPlus1 should also work.

I’ll provide the instruction as soon as I’ve finished it.

It only took me about 15 minutes to set it up. I need a lot longer for the instructions. :laughing:

Otherwise your list is correct. :+1:

Of course, any other home automation system that can handle MQTT and visualization can be used instead of ioBroker.

I just use the ioBroker.

Good morning @embedded ,

here the result:

I hope it can meet your expectations. Have fun with it. :wink:


thank you. That is quite a clear setup and good instructions but i think a complicated way of having so many devices. Cannot i just poll the ruuvi tag with bluetooth and with raspberry pi ?

More simple way for my user case would be rpi-> fetching data from ruuvi tags
and even more simple, suitable for one small room rpi zero or ESP32 with wired temp sensors not having the ruuvi tag at all.

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It’s probably possible somehow, but unfortunately I can’t help.

By the way, ioBroker runs on a raspberry pi. :wink: