Ruuvitag memory?


hi, does ruuvitag store measurements into a local memory that can be read later (when I come home from work, or whatever) with the mobile phone app?
or is it the case that if nobody is listening to the BLE then the data is just lost??

seems kind of an important FAQ that I didn’t find quick answers to on the ad-pages…



Hey @awallin. No. RuuviTag does not store data. It only broadcasts.

The feature is on our todo list and may be added later to Ruuvi Station and RuuviTag.

However, it will be most likely a lot of work to make the sync feature work flawlessly. We’ve seen how even large corporations have had severe syncing issues with their Bluetooth products and mobile apps. There are more than 7000 Android phone models to support…

I just released a blog post about the latest product launch. The working principle is briefly explained over there:

Also, it is explained on product descriptions in our webstore.

More info also here:

And here: