Ruuvi Station iOS public beta: Join TestFlight

First public iOS beta is now available:

Some known bugs still exist and those will be fixed soon. All feedback is welcome. Please leave your comment here:

EDIT (2nd April 2019): The beta group can be still joined but for normal normal use, please use stable versions available on the App Store.

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Configure for Fahrenheit ?

…added later ( Soon ?)

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I have now increased Ruuvi Station TestFlight tester limit. It was 100, now it’s more.

0.2.1 has this feature :metal: Available on TestFlight and soon on App Store.

YES it is ! Thanks it looks great! :clap:

Last week a new major Ruuvi Station iOS update got released on TestFlight.

This version has many new features such as user changeable backgrounds, humidity calibration, absolute humidity, dew point and so on. And more is coming…

Welcome also @Rinat to our team. He has recently made fantastic job with the iOS Ruuvi Station app :partying_face:

The iOS app codebase has been partly rewritten and it uses this framework created by @Rinat :

Ruuvi Station iOS on GitHub:

Better than ever!
Thanks Rinat

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New build 0.3(31) is available for testing on TestFlight. Minor fixes such as:

  1. fixed rotation issues in landscape mode
  2. fixed add-first-tag-issue (was: discover opened after adding first tag, is: dashboard is presented)
  3. logo in landscape mode is now moved to the left

Please share your thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:

Wow I never really understood dew point before!
Please add version number to about.

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