RuuviTag and Shelly Plus Plug S

I’m working on a home automation project where a fan must be controlled based on the humidity and temperature of the outside air. A simple solution without e.g. any external gateway devices is preferred. My current plan is to pair the RuuviTag Pro and Shelly Plus Plug S smart plug with BLE connection and use a script within the Shelly device to obtain humidity and temperature data from the Ruuvi sensor and use that data directly for controlling the fan. Now my question is that does anybody know if this kind of operation is supported by the Shelly scripting platform? I tried to familiarize myself with the Shelly documentation, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the answer.

Here are the scripts but I didn’t find ready made scripts for Ruuvi

Hi Henri,
Thanks for the assistance! Now I have paired the RuuviTag with Shelly Plus Plug S and the system is working just as expected. Modifying the sample script was very simple even for a person like me, who has no previous experience in JavaScript programming :grinning:.

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