RuuviBerry for Raspberry Pi 4?

I am having difficulty getting the stock RuuviBerry image to work with the new Raspberry Pi 4…Is there a new version of RuuviBerry available for this??


I am mainly interested in the Grafana & Influx features of RuuviBerry. If there’s a way of doing this on a R-Pi4 or something similar, please post here…Also I need an app that I can use to export the data.

Thanx in Advance.


You can try to follow these steps .

Data can be exported from Grafana as CSV.
We haven’t planned updating the image to Pi 4, but we’ll probably do it at some point next year while setting up a Pi for something.

I was gonna say…The current latest Ruuviberry image is not very stable on a R-Pi 4…

I haven’t tested this setup yet on a Raspberry Pi 4, but it should work:

Looks too complex for my liking. I am hoping for a full updated version of Ruuviberry that works on a Pi4 thou.


Today I wrote an image on a 16 GB card.
I downloaded “”,
unpacked it as balenaEtcher couldn’t unpack it.
After I followed the instructions at image startup, as well as running sudo apt update
and sudo apt upgrade, it has been running on my P4 model B since at. 11.30.

After unpacking, the image is called “ruuviberry_2019_08_27_minimal.img”.

This version of ruuviberry has issues with the Raspberry Pi 4.
Issue #1: The latest OS does not recognize the wifi antenna of the Pi 4.
Issue #2: Bluetooth is not properly configured on the Pi 4.
Issue #3: Grafana, InfluxDB, etc. doesn’t properly work on the Pi 4 resulting in no data readout.


I added a note of incompatibility with RPi 4

Has there been any updates??? Any news with an up to date version of ruuviberry that will work with the R-Pi 4??

I’ll make one this week unless it turns out that something does not work with RPi4 out of the box

Updated, a minor problem is that the hotspot will be “RuuviCollector 1.1” instead of “RuuviCollector abcd” due to some changes in Rasbian which isn’t accounted for in RaspiWiFi.

Seems to work on 3B, 3B+, 4

Is there a download link available yet??

Yes, ruuviberry_latest points to it. Link is at the bottom of blog post

I can’t find it. :frowning:

Here you go:

Ok, thank you but what is the default login/password??

pi/ruuviberry for the pi installation itself, all the default passwords and logins are detailed at that blog post

Ok…About the wifi…It seems there are some components missing causing the wifi to not work properly. The DHCF.conf file is not writable error

The WiFi is initially a hotspot as configured by RaspiWiFi