RuuviBerry for Raspberry Pi 4?

I am having difficulty getting the stock RuuviBerry image to work with the new Raspberry Pi 4…Is there a new version of RuuviBerry available for this??


I am mainly interested in the Grafana & Influx features of RuuviBerry. If there’s a way of doing this on a R-Pi4 or something similar, please post here…Also I need an app that I can use to export the data.

Thanx in Advance.


You can try to follow these steps .

Data can be exported from Grafana as CSV.
We haven’t planned updating the image to Pi 4, but we’ll probably do it at some point next year while setting up a Pi for something.

I was gonna say…The current latest Ruuviberry image is not very stable on a R-Pi 4…

I haven’t tested this setup yet on a Raspberry Pi 4, but it should work:

Looks too complex for my liking. I am hoping for a full updated version of Ruuviberry that works on a Pi4 thou.


Today I wrote an image on a 16 GB card.
I downloaded “”,
unpacked it as balenaEtcher couldn’t unpack it.
After I followed the instructions at image startup, as well as running sudo apt update
and sudo apt upgrade, it has been running on my P4 model B since at. 11.30.

After unpacking, the image is called “ruuviberry_2019_08_27_minimal.img”.

This version of ruuviberry has issues with the Raspberry Pi 4.
Issue #1: The latest OS does not recognize the wifi antenna of the Pi 4.
Issue #2: Bluetooth is not properly configured on the Pi 4.
Issue #3: Grafana, InfluxDB, etc. doesn’t properly work on the Pi 4 resulting in no data readout.


I added a note of incompatibility with RPi 4