Ruuvi Station Android updates

We’ve been working hard with new features and codebase enhancements on the Android app.

Ruuvi Station Android version 1.1.1 is already available (closed alpha) and will be promoted really soon to the public beta.

If you would like to join the alpha team for early access, please message me privately on forum, Slack, Telegram or email.

Some of the updates:

  • More reliable background scanning
  • Beautified history graphs
  • Absolute humidity
  • Dew point
  • Hygrometer calibration
  • 1-72h history logging
  • Option to show all data points on the graphs
  • Full history export

Ruuvi Station 1.1.4 is now available on the public beta program. If you’re a beta tester, you’re now able to update the app on Google Play. If you’re experiencing any issues, please report back to us.

Not really many beta tester seats are currently available: