Ruuvi Dev Kit Availability or Other Options for SWD Flash and Debug


I can see that the Devkit supports SWD access to Ruuvi tags, but I cannot see any other option for programming and debugging Ruuvi tags using SWD. We have extensive experience using Nordic and Segger Dev tools and developing firmware for nRF52x solutions. We would like to develop firmware to support the Ruuvi tags and getting SWD access to do this is critical. OTA firmware updating won’t support the debugging required.

Is there any way to get a Devkit (in the next few weeks) or is there any other way to get SWD access without a dev kit?


Mark J

Hello and sorry for my delayed reply.

You can use linked TagConnect cable + nRF52 DK on RuuviTag B6 and upwards. All RuuviTags shipped since summer are B6 to my best knowledge.

Hi Otso,

Thanks for the reply. We have an nRF52 DK. So, we use host to DK connection via a standard USB connection and then DK to Ruuvi Tag via “Tag-Connect” cable. Which Tag-Connect cable, the version with legs:

… or the version without legs?:
… and then buy a clip?:


Mark J


Please use the no-legs version. I don’t have experience with the clip, but it looks like it would fit the board

*wouldn’t ?

Why not? The clip connects to guiding pins of no-leg connector if I understood correctly

Oh yeah, I thought you were talking about the cable version with legs. The clip should fit ok.

Ok, my tag-connect cables and Ruuvi tags have arrived. The tag-connect cable (NL) mates with the Ruuvi tag properly and the clip secures it well. The other end of this cable, however, is an RJ11 connection and will not connect to an nRF52 Dev Kit. How can I adapt the RJ11 to communicate via USB?


The RJ-11 connector sounds like you’d received a wrong part number?
Also the link at seems to lead at wrong part number with 6-pin head, and correct one would be which has 10-pin connector (@lauri please confirm?)

If the Tag-Connect has delivered wrong part, I’d ask them to change it.
Once when I was on a tight schedule I just cut off a connector of a cable and soldered wires it to the 2.54 mm programming header P20 on DK, with “GND Detect” replaced by GND pin. It has worked well for past 6 months or so.

Yes. I ordered the wrong part, I ordered the TC2030-MCP-NL. I was looking for the TC2030-IDC-NL (from the incorrect web link), so I would have been stuck there as well. Not sure how I selected the wrong item at Mouser :{

I agree with your last post. The TC2030-CTX-NL ( with clip is the correct option. You should update your website to show this link. The NL version is tough to get, but the legged version is readily available from Digikey and Mouser (best options in Canada and USA) and I think that you can just cut off the legs and then use the aforementioned clip. See

I will solder directly to a nRF52 DK debug out connection to solve my immediate problem save money.

Mark J

Happy to hear that you got the issue resolved and sorry for the wrong link on our part. We’ll fix it right away