Programming with JTAG/SWD through Tag-Connect TC2030-CTX

Hello everyone,
has anybody had success programming the Ruuvi B6 with the TC2030 pogo pin cable ?

I am using TC2030-CTX with a TC2030-plug to hold it firmly on the Ruuvi tag PCB 6 pin.
I’m connecting the other end of the cable to the “Debug Out” connector of a Nordic nRF52832 DK.

here are pictures:

I found 2 old discussions but did not see any pinout, procedures or pictures:


I’m using the command-line Nordic tools to reprogram:
nrfjprog --family NRF52 --recover
nrfjprog --family NRF52 --sectorerase --program nrf52832-firmware.hex
nrfjprog --family NRF52 --pinreset

Unfortunately my setup doesnt’ work, it seems the DK does not detect the Ruuvi tag, and my commands reprogram the DK instead of the Ruuvi tag.

Is it possible I need to power the Ruuvi tag somehow ?
(although the battery is in there and should provide power)

Thank you!


I use the Tag-Connect every week, so yes.
Your pictures aren’t included in post, so I can’t see your exact setup. My setup uses debug P20 with wires of tag-connect cable soldered to pins, but they should be functionally equivalent.

Your commands should be fine, although personally I’d prefer

nrfjprog --family NRF52 --eraseall
nrfjprog --family NRF52 --program nrf52832-firmware.hex
nrfjprog --family NRF52 --pinreset

as this reduces the amount of erasing done. --recover purges everything, including clean flash pages, and --sectorerase will erase pages being written to a second time before programming.
– eraseall will only wipe pages which have been written to.

This sounds like issue with GNDDetect or VTarget. I’ve cut the SB9 on my programming devkit which cuts power from the DK-nRF52, this makes sure that I won’t program wrong board. Have you tried verifying the power and ground connections with multimeter?

RuuviTag has to be powered, battery is ok. Personally I’ve soldered 3V to VCC pin so I don’t need to have a battery connected. Be sure to physically remove and reinsert battery after programming as the debug interface on MCU may remain online after programming and it will consume the battery really quickly.

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Trying to diagnose issues with a tag that works for a while then reboots.
I thought I’d try using the TC2030-IDC 6-Pin Tag-Connect Plug-of-Nails™ Spring-Pin Cable with Legs , since I don’t want t remove battery and insert it into ruuvi DevKit.

The tag-connect has nails on one end but other end has socket for 6 STD header pins. Unfortunately Nordic 400150 dev board Debug out has a socket for 10 mini(?) pins.

Did I get the wrong tag-connect cable ?


The correct model is, but you can use the 6-pin one by cutting off the 6-pin header and soldering the wires to DK pins.

Thank You.