Program ruuvitag with nrf52

Hi i am new to ruuvi tag.I have a quick question how could i program ruuvi tag using nrf52 development kit?


Same way as the nRF52 DK. You’ll need to connect the RuuviTag to devkit, and nRF52 DK will automatically detect & program external target rather than the nRF52 on the dk itself

Hi so should i connect ruuvi tag using SWD pins on dev kit with the ruuvi tag pins?

Yes, you should. See these articles for more info:

Hi i want to connect with ruuvi tag without shield with Jlink i guess would be good and my other question is which would be the product number for JTAG.I also attached the picture from ruuvitag tutorialimage

What those are 10 pins and the link is about 6 pins.
One more thing the ruuvi.firmware.c is not opening in ses and i am using windows i have also attached the screen shot

The connector on nRF52-DK has 10 pins, while RuuviTag has 6. The linked cable bridges them together.

I’m using SES 4.14, maybe that is related? Also, have you installed the git submodules of the project?

Yeah i installed the entire project from github

Have you tried the Nordic Semiconductor examples within the SDK? Do they work as intended?

Yes they are working properly.

Please update your SES version to 4.16, if that doesn’t help I’ll setup the toolchain on a Windows machine to check it out.

Yes i am not latest version 4.16 could you test it and give the ruuvitag firmware link if that worked in your case.