Ruuvi/Beacon and Google Home

I just got my self a Google Home assistant, do any of you know a simple way to integrate beacon tags?
Most of the services that are made to suport it is based on cloud API, But the Home unit are able to talk to Ikeas “tådløs” over WIFI. and there is some Nodes in Node-Red that handle Google Assistant.

Any information would be helpfull


Google Home and other home automation systems are something we’d definitely like to support in the future. There are community projects already available.

On #mobile-apps in our Slack team I suggested that maybe we could add gateway settings “Send to Google Home” or “Send to Apple HomeKit” on Ruuvi Station Android app.

Check these:

Any updates here from the community? Somebody know if there been any development?


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Is there any updates on Google Home support or any other home automation platforms? I would assume that there are need for this feature