[Resolved] HomeAssistant data not visible after downgrade

So I bought the Gateway the moment it was available. And so far loving it. Only problem I’ve had with the RuuviTags is some missing features/UI comfort things so decided to go for HomeAssistant.

I had the assistant up and running just nicely (Grafana/InfluxDB). But after the downgrade from Pro to Free user, I’m not getting any data in my HomeAssistant õ_Õ

This is what I used to have

Now all my sensors are like this :


So I’m not sure how to fix this… Would just doing everything again make it work or what am I missing…


The Home Assistant uses Ruuvi Gateway locally, without Ruuvi Cloud account. The Free/Basic/Pro tiers do not affect Home Assistant in any way and using Ruuvi Gateway with Home Assistant is free.

This seems like you would have had the RuuviTags configured through Bluetooth integration, without using the Gateway at all.

Please see Ruuvi Gateway - Home Assistant for how to configure RuuviTags through Gateway.

I have nothing that would catch the bluetooth signal apart from the Gateway.
So how would I configure tags in my HA if not with the gateway?
And I had nothing in my HA before I installed the gateway jank.

But everything disappeared after the change after the Pro was downgraded… That is the only thing that has changed in this time. I haven’t touched anything. There’s been no updates anywhere. Only the Pro->Free downgrade. That is what is bothering me.

Now you might be totally right and I’ve somehow managed to do some magic that I didn’t know I did (first time using HA)… But as said, only thing that has changed was the the Pro subscribtion ended and all the entity data disappeared in my HA. And I only got the entity data visible (when I originally did all the setup) after I installed that Gateway thingiemajig.

E: Did the bearer token things and all. Had to screw that bugger off the wall for restart so I could get the token :smiley: that’s why I remember doing it.

We have had some reports of Gateway dropping out of Home Assistant installations, maybe this is one of those cases?

I just noticed that your screenshots say that entities are provided by ruuvitag_ble_integration and the HA and Ruuvi Gateway do not fetch data from Ruuvi Cloud.

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Yeah. That’s the one! So for reason X, HA seemed to forget my bearer token? or something… Removed the Gateway from HA and then added it again (IP/bearer) and voila #back_in_action

This is still work in progres… I’m trying to figure out how to get the system to take snapshots and display them elsewhere (that way I could resize them to fit my needs and whatnot). But learning that is for another day.


First of all, it’s nice that you could already solve the actual problem. :smiley: :+1:

A easy alternative would be my solution without a gateway, which I described here.

Have a nice weekend :wave: :smiley: