Problem when receiving notification from Ruuvi

I bought a Ruuvitag, flashed its firmware to Eddystone, connected to my laptop to add an URL here (Radio TX power -12dmB). After I uploaded, I couldn’t find any notifications on my phone to direct me to that URL. Am I missing something?
Thank you.

Unfortunately, last year Google decided to kill the notifications:

I need to broadcast an URL using Ruuvi beacon. I found an alternative way for Eddystone is Nearbee.
Is there anyway for me to broadcast an URL and display a notification on mobile phone using Nearbee? I guess Ruuvitag can do it, maybe?

Seems that their SDK accepts any Eddystone beacon signals.

I tried to configure the Ruuvitag to transmit a Reddystone URL in HTTPS format from the video ‘Find the real Pokemon’ but the Nearbee app couldn’t detect the beacon. On their documentation, they said something like this.

I am just new into this so, do I need to go to Google Cloud Platform to register my beacon or anything? Is the method in the video above is enough to broadcast UID frame, URL for my notification? If not, please tell me how to transmit Eddystone UID.

Thank you.

You need to configure two frame types (UID and URL) using the Android configuration tool provided by Nordic Semi.

After updating the Eddystone firmware, I tried to configure using Web.

However, Nearbee can’t detect my beacon. The beacon is now in RAW mode (it blinks dimly red)

Edit: I tried to use another way to detect the beacon. This time, it’s Bluetooth Beacon Interactor. It works now. My laptop can detect the beacon and its URL.

However, what I need right now is to make Nearbee to detect our beacon and display the notification, not the PC. That’s the problem.

OK, I made some changes to the Radio Tx Power and it is working now. However, its name is Miscellaneous, can we do something with that?
Also, I need to change the description into something else. Could I change that from HTML page? If not, how to change it?

I think NearBee would know better how their platform works. In general the Eddystone nearby notifications used to fetch a header from the linked page and display it to users.