Official Ruuvi App: Weather Station

This topic can be used to discuss about the Weather Station example firmware.

Before replying, please make sure you’ve read documentation. It explains how the application is working and how it can be used.

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As I am not a good coder so I am not able to understand weather station code. Could you please share a training video for step by step implementation of writing the code & deployment? Link seems too much technical to me.

The Weather Station code builds on Nordic SDK Eddystone Example.
In addition, Ruuvi’s drivers are used for communicating with the onboard sensors.

Step-by-step video describing every aspect of the development would probably be days - if not weeks - long.
Please open a thread tagged as firmware development with a more specific questions such as “how do I set up development environment” or “how do I deploy my own code to RuuviTag”.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive information, Nordic Developer Zone has a lot of tutorials on how to program for nRF52 which is the core of the RuuviTag.

Nordic SDK also has a lot of example programs, most of which can be made to run on RuuviTag as-is. We will post a detailed tutorial on how to port SDK examples to RuuviTag in a few weeks.


Thanks Otso. We will wait for more examples & use cases. :slight_smile:

I have DHT22 connected to Raspberry pi 3, an analog humidity meter and Ruuvitag side by side at home. First 2 show about 8% more humidity than Ruuvi. For example DHT22 34%, Analog 35% and Ruuvi 27%. I put Ruuvi to a plastic bag with a wet towel for an hour and it shows 88% and DHT/analog 99%. I haven’t been able to update Ruuvis fw so I don’t know if new fw will fix this. Do others have same problem with Ruuvi showing too low humidity? Temperature seems to be ok.

Thanks for the results. We are going run even more reliable tests using proper measurement tools (climate chamber) and if required, compensation can be easily added to the firmware. The chip we are using (Bosch BME280) is high-quality and so far the test results have been great.

More info about the chip.

Yesterday I tried Ruuvitag at sauna. Results are sad Should be ~60C and 35%RH

Hmm. That is weird. We haven’t seen similar behaviour.

Once I tried to put one into 100C water and boiled it a while. And got good readings. And we have done several tests in saunas too.

@otso Any idea could this be a FW related issue?

My RuuviTag is working very well even in 88C. Could you test again and try to repeat the same error?

It looks like the temperature and pressure are interpreted as all zeroes. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow to identify if this is a firmware or javascript issue.

The bug was in javascript decoding, some sensor value combinations would be incorrectly decoded as 0’s. It is now fixed, and your sauna looks a lot happier :smile:.

Thank you for reporting the problem. Please be sure to refresh cached javascript (ctrl+f5 on chrome) to view your sauna’s temperature. Updating weather station firmware is not necessary at this time, we’ll take a new look into sensor readings once climate chamber results are in.

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Can I suggest the weather station app needs an indicator to show it’s connected?
How else do I know the data being presented is current?

The Weather Station demo isn’t connectable. It just broadcasts the sensor data and all the nearby mobile phones can hear it.

It’s possible to use third-party beacon scanners to see the data in more real-time. The Nearby (and Physical Web) notifications cannot be guaranteed to be real-time.

OK got it thanks. …

I have about the same problem with humidity. It’s showing 22℅ when the real value is 12℅ and 76℅ when 98℅.

Would be interesting to see iOS App for the WeatherStation or perhaps a common App that is able to see refreshed Ruuvi WeatherStation url page for live measurements :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Right now using PHYnet App, but it’s pretty manual “Weather Station” as there is no option to request refreshed Ruuvi url etc.

How do we get English units?

  • Correction: This feature is under development.

Could you confirm which units you are looking for:

My ruuvi keeps hanging. For example a minute ago it gave me link which has way too low humidity. I took battery off and then it gives link Now humidity is almost correct but air pressure is way too low. Now 4 minutes later I get every time I refresh Chrome widget.


Thank you for reporting the issue. Could you please tell us:

  • Is this a new issue, or has it been effecting your tag from day one?
  • Has your RuuviTag been in harsh environments (sauna, freezer etc)?
  • Does the red led stay off and does the green led blink briefly once every 5 seconds or so?