Official Ruuvi App: Eddystone

Any questions about the Eddystone firmware? Shoot!

But please read the documentation first.

Thanks for creating this product.

My first impression with ruuvitag+ was wonderful. My observations:

  1. As soon as I removed plastic between battery & connection, my android phone got nearby notification & weather info webpage also opened on click.
  2. I was also able to get weather webpage in ‘today’ view using chrome widget in my iPhone.
  3. Safari browser is not detecting the physical web automatically however copied weather web link from chrome to safari is working fine.
  4. Red light on ruuvitag is not flashing like in your videos (only flashed one time while connection).
  5. Web Bluetooth Configuration Tool url is not connecting with ruuvitag both from android & iPhone. I am pressing ‘B’ button on ruuvitag but pressing ‘UNLOCK’ button is doing nothing.
  6. ‘nRF Beacon for Eddystone’ on Android phone is not detecting ruuvitag.
  7. ‘nRF Connect for Eddystone’ on both Android &iPhone is showing as ‘N/A’ but no action possible.

Kindly find screenshots for the reference.

Vivek Agarwal

Welcome and thanks for your feedback!

  1. Awesome.
  2. Nice.
  3. Correct. Currently, the PW is supported only by Chrome (on iOS).
  4. No problem. We have optimized power consumption by dimming the LEDs. If you watch closely, you’ll see that the green LED is blinking.
  5. Weather Station and Eddystone are different firmware applications. You can run only one of those at a time. You can flash the device by following the instructions.
  6. The WS isn’t connectable or configurable. It only broadcasts the readings. If you would like to modify its behavior, you can hack the code.
  7. Yes, no actions can be made because RuuviTag is broadcasting only (like a beacon). The another firmware is configurable.

Thanks Lauri. Now I was able to change firmware & was able to broadcast different url. But when I tried to broadcast url; beacon became untraceable.

Glad to hear it works!

Note that the Physical Web requires HTTPS.

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Weather station URL is traceable on iPhone but as soon as I am uploading another firmware Chrome widget is not detecting physical web on iPhone’s today view. However, url from another firmware is traceable on Android’s nearby.

Could you describe the problem in more detail?

  • What address you tried to broadcast?
  • What is the interval?
  • Transmission power?
  • Etc.

Probably there is something wrong with the URL that prevents iOS Chrome giving notifications.

FYI, a great video about Nearby.

URL address is which is redirecting to Android’s Nearby is detecting the physical web but iPhone’s chrome widget is not detecting the same.

Seems that the URL is not using HTTPS. Fix it and try again.

nRF Connect is working well on my Android phone but doesn’t show the URL on iPhone. It seems that app is looking different on iPhone.

Power optimization of Eddystone example is now complete, and the update package can be found at

On default settings the passcode is 00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff. Nordic smartphone app “nRF Beacon for Eddystone” accepts the pass code as-is, web configuration tool expects prefix “0x” to signal that passcode is a hex number while Nordic app does not accept the prefix. Updating the firmware does not reset the password or settings if you have already configured something else.

On default setting of broadcasting URL at 1 Hz @ 0 dBm the average current consumption is ~10 µA (measured with Nordic Power Profiler Kit). A CR2450 battery with 600 mAh of capacity (similar to ones shipped in KS campaign devices) should last teoretically for ~60 000 hours or ~6 years +, practical lifetime will be less due to battery aging and characteristics degrading over use.


Hi guys,

i have a short question:

Where / How do i get the Eddystone notifications on my iOS device?

Android is working fine!


Did you try these instructions:

Recently i came over this but i was irritated. The Chrome widget is not installed on iOS deviced by default, is it?

That means that every iOS user needs to install this chrome widget and then activate Nearby Notifications in it? I don’t think that a high percentage use / know this or am I wrong?

But please don’t misunderstand me. I know that this is not the ruuvitags fault. :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s not installed by default and need to be installed. I believe when user benefits from beacons is increasing also Apple will add native support for Eddystone. Hopefully quite soon.

if Eddystone is compatible to Apple’s iBeacon, shoudn’t the broadcast been shown on Apple devices natively?

Both Eddystone and iBeacon are protocols. It’s compatible with Iphone when you install Chrome and enable Physical web feature. But it still needs Chrome app installed to iPhone.

thanks. but isn’t iBeacon natively built into iOS?

Hello, my ruuvitag+ arrived some days ago :slight_smile:
It came with the weather station firmware which worked really well and as expected. The reason I bought the device though was to use as a beacon to trace a lost model plane or drone. I have flashed the Beacon firmware and using nRF beacon for Eddystone I can unlock and configure the beacon and have “nearby” working but then I get lost into how I then use this to track a lost model. It looks like I need to use spontaneous geocaching as in the find treasure example. Has anyone got a basic guide as to how I can use my ruuvitag as a proximity locator beacon.
many thanks, jamie

Update: after a little research came across Beacon Scanner which gives a range and an active signal chart of any beacons in range. Because models fly normally in open space I should hopefully get a reasonable range. A better solution would also log gps, maybe an option for ruuvitag ver2 :slight_smile:

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What prog do I need to open and change the weather station zip file?