Official Ruuvi App: Eddystone

Could you please clarify the question?

Are you going to change the firmware on RuuviTag, or are you going to develop your own firmware to upload to RuuviTag?

I want to change the ‘instance’ part of the UID to something readable by a human so I know which of several tags I am reading.

At the moment if two tags are in range there is no way of knowing which is being selected other than referring to written down mac addresses and thus displayed on the website.

I created a website and it’s https but still after i changed the url, nothing showed up.

Hi there

So just to be clear on:

  1. How (where) you change the url

  2. How you build the DFU package

The goal here it to flash a working Ruuvitag weather station beacon with a customized ruuvi_fw (weather staiton) which has a new url. I followed the on the ruuvitag_fw GIT repo.

  • Changing the URL.

Is it correct that to change the URL I have to edit the weather_station/main.c file?
I did i like this:

vim ruuvitag_fw/ruuvi_examples/weather_station/main.c
82 //Payload requires 8 characters
83 #define URL_BASE_LENGTH 10
84 static char url_buffer[17] = {'i', 't', 'u', 'i', 'b', '.', 'n', 'o', '/', '#'};

One complaint from make:

Makefile:207: Cannot find include folder: /run/media/lno063/linux/opt/gitrepos/github/ruuvitag_fw/nRF5_SDK_12.3.0_d7731ad/components/libraries/bootloader/ble_dfu/includes

  • Bulild the DFU package

    ruuvitag_fw$ find . -type f -name ruuvitag_b3_bootloader.hex | xargs ls -lat Sep 21 09:55 ./bootloader/ruuvitag_b3_production/armgcc/_build/ruuvitag_b3_bootloader.hex Sep 21 09:55 ./bootloader/ruuvitag_b3_debug/armgcc/_build/ruuvitag_b3_bootloader.hex

    ruuvitag_fw$ nrfutil pkg generate --debug-mode --application ./bootloader/ruuvitag_b3_production/armgcc/_build/ruuvitag_b3_bootloader.hex --key-file keys/ruuvi_open_private.pem

I am guessing I have to use the ‘ruuvitag_b3_bootloader.hex’ since it is refereed to when flashing with Segger J-Link and nfrjprog (and since the app.hex is nowhere to be found)

When updating the DFU package and rebooting the ruuvitag is constantly showing a red light which I guess is not a good thing.

Am I on the right track here? Is the complaint from running make a problem I need to address? Do I have to change other files and/or adding/changing other values?

Grateful for any pointers.


You’ll need to build the DFU package with application hex, i.e. _build/weather_station.hex

The Base URL cannot be longer than, I’ll update the comments on main.c

I’ll also look into the missing include.

Yeah, I more or less got the same answer here.

Thanks. I’ll try again with shorter url and --application.

Is it possible to get the notification urls without location services on?
If location is needed; why and is it possible to get around this with customized firmware?


Android considers “nearby” to be part of location services, therefore location services are required for notification. You can still scan for URLs even if location services are off. This cannot be worked around in RuuviTag firmware as Android decides what to show

i am using iphone 5s and ruuvi does not work on my device
I tried everything but did not
Please help me :confused:
@son lipsense:

Please be more specific. What does not work? Can you update the firmware? Can you log in to configuration? Can you configure the package?

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i am using iphone 5s ios 8.0

Please give us some more details.
A good bug report has a format of summary - expectation - deviation - details,
i.e. what you are expecting, how the program did not fill those expectations and details such as platform, version number and error log if available.
Here’s a good article on how to write a bug report:

Right now I know that something does not work on iPhone 5s ios 8.0. Please specify at least:

  • Summary
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected result
  • Actual result

Once we know more about the problem we can help you better :slight_smile:

Hi Otso, I have the same problem as sonilpsense (I think). I cannot connect to nRF Connect with my iPhone 5. The app shows “Eddystone Non-connectable” . Using the PhyWeb app for iOS, I can retrieve Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Beacon ID. Do I have to update FW and if so, how – I can’t connect with nRF. Something I do wrong?

Ruuvi stock firmware is not completely Eddystone compliant.
For full Eddystone firmware, please check for Eddystone firmware. You’ll need to press button “b” to enter the configuration mode.