New project: Ruuvi Node

Today, we’ve finally launched Ruuvi Node project to the public. Ruuvi Node is an immortal multipurpose gateway/tracker/sensor node with embedded energy harvester capabilities.

Read Nordic Semiconductor’s press release about the Node:

Info about the project’s history can be found here:


That’s great!! Thanks to the Ruuvi team for this exciting news!!

I imagine it will take time for NB-IoT connections/antennas to be widespread… isn’t it?
Meanwhile, will this work with regular 3G/4G sim cards/connections too?

Do you have an idea of its price?

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Here you can find a global NB-IoT / LTE-M deployment map:

Ruuvi Node supports all the frequency bands available and both NB-IoT and Cat-M1 (LTE-M).

Price info will be released later. Will be affordable.

Great! Thanks for the info!

Two more questions:

  • Does it support wifi too as primary or backup connection, when used as fixed node or nearby configured routers
  • Will it possible to connect external SPI modules? Which type of connectors are provided? Will the product need to be re-certified / re-qualified when adding extra modules?

See Ruuvi Dongle project for a WiFi gateway: Project status: Ruuvi Gateway

Will have an expansion port. More specific info will be published later.

The question about certifications is so broad that it cannot be answered here. Different uses and setups have to be checked case by case. However, Ruuvi Node will be a certified product for many uses and territories, there is no question about it.

Any updates to the release and price?

Here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Lauri, i was curious about the Certifications, i.e. FCC, GCF etc. What kind of certifications are being considered?

CE + FCC minimum and more if major customers require them. This goes with all the future Ruuvi products too.

Thanks. I assume, PTCRB is required for operating in North American region?