Layout of ruuvi tag or devkit

Our company wants to design an extended board for ruuvitag, so we can add our sensor to it. we plan to mount ruuvitag on the top our board, kind like the devkit but we want to actually solder it. Just wondering if there’s any document for the layout of ruuvitag or devkit so I can design our board accordingly?
I’m using Eagle, but any other documents are also very helpful.

There you go:

See more info about our licenses:

Hi lauri
Thanks for your respones, one more question, if I design a board(might be the same size with ruvvitag) and solder ruvvitag on the top if it, is it ok I have circuit under the antenna and nfc part of the ruvvitag?

You can have PCB material (FR4) under the antennas but it’s important not to place any copper or components there as it would directly affect the performance of the antennas.

any copper? like even GND is not allowed?

Yes, no copper. It’s basic PCB design principle not to add any copper under antennas.

thanks, that’s very helpful.