Humidity Constantly 100% and Short Range

I am using my tag with a Raspberry Pi and Python as per your instructions but the humidity only ever shows 100%. Is there something wrong with the tag or some calibration I need to do?

Also the range is very short, just a couple of metres. Can the power be increased?



There is no user calibration required on the sensor. Is the sensor pretty new or one of kickstarter devices? On Kickstarter devices firmware update is recommended (both April version and Beta can be used on model +).

IOS 11.0.3 Chrome no longer works with Ruuvi, your instructions no longer work. How can I upgrade the Kickstarter firmware with my IOS devices or my Raspberry Pi 3/Zero W please. Please can you give me proper instructions not a generic video with half the instructions missing.



@nick Yes, Google recently removed Physical Web widget from Chrome browser:

However, it’s not related to updating firmware of RuuviTag. We also updated the firmware (usage) instructions right after we were informed the widget issue:

PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO UPDATE THE FIRMWARE! I have an iPhone SE, a Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W.


@nick Have you followed the instructions @otso linked you last week?

I could not see any instructions.

There are no instructions, just usage.

There are video instructions on the page.
Anyway, Hold “B” and press “R” button to enter bootloader.
RED led stays on while you’re in bootloader mode. Upload the DFU package to “RuuviBoot” device using nRF Connect or nRF toolbox

I saw the IOS video but it starts half-way through the process. How do I get to the point where the video starts?

There’s a slider of video timeline on the botton in PC version, phones might display videos differently but I’m sure there’s a “jump to” function

No. The video STARTS half-way through the process. How do I get to where the video starts (at the start of the video?) please? The video is fine but it does not start at the beginning of the process! DO you understand me? Imagine the process, from start to finish (for a beginner), and then the video starting to record half way through the process - that is what I mean. Nothing wrong with the video or playback but the whole of the process is not recorded/documented.

The start of the process hasn’t been recorded.

How do I get to the place where the video starts?

The video goes like this:

  1. Find the package. You can use this one: Press DOWNLOAD.
  2. “nRF Toolbox has to be installed” so install it if not installed:
  3. Tap Open in… nRF Toolbox.
  4. Press R while keeping B pressed.
  5. The red light will stay lit.
  6. Select device… RuuviBoot
  7. Upload.

step 1) … on your phone