Physical web not supported anymore on Chrome iOS

Are you guys seeing the physical web advertisement from RuuviWeather in the iOS Chrome widget with the latest version of Chrome ( 62.0.3202.60 ) they just released on 18th October 2017?

It does not work for me. The only clue that I found is: TODAY - Google Stops Supporting Physical Web on iOS Chrome - and soon on Android... 路 Issue #931 路 google/physical-web 路 GitHub

What do you guys think? What other alternatives can we use to read the sensor data on iOS?

Thanks for the heads-up. RuuviWeather was the only reason for me to keep Chrome on iOS.

Android Nearby works well on Android and deprecating the overlapped Android Chrome support was just matter of time.

But this is not good news for the iOS users for sure. However, luckily any beacon scanner can be used to see nearby RuuviTags.

We鈥檙e also aiming to start iOS mobile application development relatively soon. It would have also support for the more precise RAW transmissions (and alerts).

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Can you recommend some app/widget for iOS? Would be great to have something like Chrome widget.

Google Chrome team has now released an announcement of this:!topic/physical-web-discuss/5hkPwciMdH4

@meisseli I don鈥檛 have info yet of similar widgets but you can try this for a start:

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Apple iPhone IOS has changed the swipe down for seeing widgets with swipe right from home page.

phy PHYSCIAL WEB BEACONS includes a widget that displays the URLs and calls Safari with the URL. Search App Store for bkon (like beacon) . thanks to codepresser for the link: Phy by BKON

I like the BLE Scanner by bluepixletech even better iTunes/鈥LE_scanner since it displays the URL and lets you click to follow the link


nRFconnect for IOS does not display URL (or such of anything for that matter!)
Be advised that bluetooth devices seem to be retained in IOS cache for a long time after they are no longer available and continue to be shown during scan.

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you may try Phy browser App
I works quite nicely as a Widget too (just in case for non-iOS audience鈥 iOS Widgets: )

Time to revise Lab Get Started video

Thoughts :
鈥渞emove resist to gain power鈥 might be better said as
"Remove insulator sheet to power on"

鈥済reen light blinks to preserve energy鈥
"Notice the faint blink of the green LED to the right of the large black square which is the processor " (I know it鈥檚 long)

"the breathing sticker goes on top of the sensor, the tiny silver square

鈥淥n IOS chrome browser has to be installed鈥 this section needs to be reworked.
"On a iPhone you鈥檒l need something like BLE scanner from bluepixeltech from the App Store

Maybe it鈥檚 better to avoid text in the video altogether and add more detail in the list of steps in the body of the page.