File log in ruuvio memory

how can I save a FIFO file with TEMPERATURE and TIMESTAMP in the ruuvitag memory ?


That’s a pretty broad question.

Are you building on Espruino, Ruuvitag_fw / 2.x branch or ruuvi.firmware.c / 3.x branch? Or something else?
Are you saving the data to RAM or flash?
How do you intend to read the file out of RuuviTag?

I’m trying with espruino and I would like to insert it in the flash
but the project would then enter the values ​​in the station app
so that when it is not connected to the phone can still recover them in the future

The scope of your project is pretty large, especially if you want to have integration to Ruuvi Station app.
You can search for temperature logger on Espruino, however the data is read with Espruino IDE.

Ruuvi Station does not have the GATT connectivity and the Ruuvi broadcast data formats do not have timestamps, so displaying the stored data on Ruuvi Station would require a lot of work on Ruuvi Station app.

Maybe start with the Espruino logging example and work your way onwards from there?

Maybe start with the Espruino logging example and work your way onwards from there?

I also think this is the best idea

now i try to store data in flash memory and build a simple app to read that file

I think instead there is no way to insert the timestamp without having a connection to the phone?

You could insert timestamp, but then you’d need to define a data format with the timestamp and a reader for the new format. You’d also need to add a way to trigger broadcasting the data, for example on button press or NFC read

it was thought in fact to insert a button in the application and overwrite all the data with those present in the file but it seems better to start from the beginning using the same logic method