Calibration not stored in device?


I just tried to calibrate one RuuviTag and it looks like the chnage is only stored in the iPad Ruuvi app through which I did the calibration, not in the tag itself. I can not see the value change on another iPhone Ruuvi app, neither on values sent through Victron Cerbo GX device.

Am I missing something?


Hey! You’re right calibration is stored inside the app. You can sign in to Ruuvi Cloud and sensor settings will be synced to the Cloud. Another iPhone/iPad or Android device with the same Ruuvi account will automatically get calibration settings as well. It’s free. Don’t forget to claim all your sensors after you sign in through sensor settings.

Hi Denis,

I raised the same issue here.

It would be much more effective if the calibration was stored in the RuuviTag. Then there is no subsequent calculation at the end points of the users without a ruuvi-gateway.

Is there really no technical way?

Have a nice sunday.


Maybe I can also ask the question differently: how does one calibrate a sensor that is connected to Victron Cerbo GX? In other (more technical) words: how can Cerbo GX get the calibration information?

Best regards, Gordan

Are you using a MQTT broker?

I’ve checked the technical data on the homepage of Cerbo GX. It should work if you realize the correction with mqtt and send the data to the API.

I’ don’t use Cerbo myself, so this is only an idea. Sorry.

Have a nice sunday.

They way it (I believe) works is that information is taken by CerboGx from RuuviTag and put into dbus, then this info is taken from dbus and sent to MQTT broker. One can then subscribe to MQTT to get the data and apply the calibration manually.
But, there is no way to get the calibration into what Cerbo GX is showing.

Anyway, the way calibration works is I believe conceptually wrong. It should be done at the source, not at the edge.

That’s exactly how I see it and it would also be very helpful for my application (which I have described here).

Maybe the Ruuvi team will implement it after all.