Battery percentage?

I’d like to check the battery percentage of my RuuviTag from Ruuvi Station (Android), but I can’t find it. Where is it?

Ruuvi Station has no this feature at the moment but it will be added in future releases. See also this:

Glad to hear this feature will be added! Any way for checking battery percentage other than the Ruuvi Station app?

Have you tried Core Beacons?

I haven’t tried Core Beacons, but it seems like it’s only available on iOS, and I’m not exactly an Apple guy. :slight_smile: I understand if the battery percentage is not available yet on Android. Thanks for your reply!

Have you read Battery FAQ

I haven’t read the battery FAQ yet, but I’ve just did. Lots of useful info there, and I’m super impressed about the expected battery lifetime. Thanks for the link!