Ruuvi Station Android app feedback and feature requests


Hey guys!

Ruuvi Station Android app has been enhanced a lot recently and all those updates will be pushed soon to Google Play.

If you have feedback or feature requests, please use this thread.

Some of the ideas our todo list already has:

  • When adding a new RuuviTag to Ruuvi Station, one option would be “Use phone’s internal sensors”. This would make it possible to try out the app before purchasing any physical RuuviTags
  • App Settings page would have a button “Calibrate all your RuuviTags to same levels”. This would remove possible offsets differences Bosch BME280 sensors have.
  • Add RuuviTags by touching them with your NFC enabled phone.

Battery percentage?

Hi Lauri,

I downloaded the app yesterday. It is really great for a quick-start. It also looks very nice, so kudos!

some low-hanging fruits that we could add are:

  1. In the graph section, when I click on a datapoint, maybe display the exact X and Y values. I can zoom a lot on both axes to get a more precise measurement, but it isn’t very convenient and the X axis resolution doesn’t seem to go behind minutes.
  2. The possibility of downloading the graph data and send it somewhere would be great.

As for the calibration of multiple tags, I thought exactly the same thing. I just tested the temperature of the 3 tags and the coldest tag is 0.2 degrees colder than the warmest one. I guess this is compatible with the specs but when you buy 3 tags together it is really easy to see these differences and some nerdy users like myself may want to correct for that.

As for adding the ruuvi tags with the NFC, that sounds cool.
But a more basic thing is to make it easier to identify a physical tag (this may not be related to the Android app). On the back of a tag there is a FCC ID but the app displays a MAC ID, so to actually figure out which is which I had to hide 2 tags in the microwave and take one with me so that the strongest signal would tell me which one I had with me. Maybe there is already a straightforward way of getting the MAC ID, I just couldn’t figure it out.



You can read the MAC with NFC, just tap the tag with NFC-enabled Android phone. I’m not sure if iOS supports NFC reads yet