Android - Ruuvitag scanner, datalogger/sender


Any news on this topic?
Installed on Galaxy Alpha 850F.
Crashes in any configuration…


We will update the app, but at the moment we have no resources to do it. Community support is welcome as all code is in Github


We have now started working with the update, if you have ideas/feature requests, please let me know. I think we are dropping requirement for internet/GPS in first release, this makes app much more usable and more “standalone”. Those features (with configurable URL for backend) might be added later. I’ll keep forum updated on our progress and will send you some pre-release versions



For us who have several RuuviTags at one location it would be nice if we could give the tags friendly names so we don’t have to remember which MAC address is which tag.

Looking forward to try the new version.


Any update on the app? As mentioned in an earlier comment by someone it crashes once I select “Start Scanning”… :disappointed:


Beta of our next version is now available.

For contribution/ideas/issues (this is development repo)

Stable souce can be soon found from:


Nice! So far I didn’t see any problems. Thanks for friendly names :smiley:


It crashed once yesterday. No idea why. I had just opened it on screen.


The Android app created by @tmakinen (on Slack) and thanks also @jari.isohanni can be found now on

and also

is updated.


It won’t install on my phone with Android 5.1. I uninstalled the previous version but still the same. After I press Next it says “app not installed”. Help!


I see that the humidity get changed, but should it not be with rawData[3]?, in

     //   humidity = (rawData[3]) * 0.5;

        humidity = ((float) (rawData[1] & 0xFF)) / 2f;

I also see that it is 17 dayes since the RuuvitagScanner.apk is updatet.

Is there a dukoment somewhere, that explan how to make the apk?


@Frida854, we’ll try to update APK during the weekend and fix that RawData Humidity too.
About signing, you can find good tutorials online. Basically you need to create your of certificate to sign the app.


@andersos I had the same problem with two different phones. Were you able to solve this?


Hi all, Android scanner is now in Ruuvi’s repository. I made some heavy rebranding from Centria to Ruuvi inorder to make it feel more familiar to Ruuvi users (this doesn’t mean that Centria will no longer support/work with Ruuvi, we are still very happy and proud to use it in our projects and stundent works).

To get things running you can uninstall old scanners and install this new version, although it should install even with existing versions installed. (App not installed problems could be due from previous versions having invalid signature)

APK Url:


Sorry to bother you, but should the humidity not be:
“humidity = ((float) (rawData[3] & 0xFF)) / 2f;”.
Now I only see 2.0% humidity on all my sensors.
At the same time I would like the time to be in 24 hour format, like it is on the graphs.


Sorry, thats a copy-paste mistake =) also just started to write unit testing for the project to be sure that this “never” happens again. Will change that time format too


@Frida854, thanksfor getting this caught. New code and APK now in Github, hope it works this time


Now it works.


I’m going to buy an Android Wear smartwatch, probably before Christmas. Would it be possible to make an Android Wear 2 version of this app?


Firstly, thank you for this great app! It’s just what I was looking for. I was just wondering am I doing something wrong? I’ve setup the app to send the data to the backend URL ( on 5 minutes interval. However when the phone’s (Samsung Galaxy A3 2015) screen is off, the update interval seems to be something like three hours or so. I’ve give all permissions to the app.