Android - Ruuvitag scanner, datalogger/sender


In this project we (Centria University of Applied Sciences / R&D) created Ruuvitags scanner for Android devices (supporting OS version 4.4.2 and later). This application scans for beacons around that have Eddystone URL starting with “” and displays them on screen (with their sensor data). To scan beacons application uses alt-beacon library and is written entirely as native Android application.

We use this in research, to monitor environment within buildings and outside.

Application has following features:

  • Possibility scan beacons while app is running in background mode
  • Datalogging into graph view, all detected beacons and their data is logged to appropriate views for comparison
  • Sends beacon scan data to for other IoT platforms to use (like
  • Appealing UI
  • Some hidden bugs

Source code and more images to come!

Python - ruuvitag_sensor package
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Humidity sensor incorrect value
What would you like to see?

Image from datalogger screen


Seems really useful! UI is simple yet informative, and you can compare the tags’ data. Does the application log sensor data to a local file also?

In my opinion, it would be good to have the units for example under each quantity name. Also humidity is misspelled.


Application does not log data to local file, but it’s on to-do list.

Now source code is published in Github, everyone can feel free to contribute:


Our project continues to develop.

We added possibility to send GPS location of the device with Ruuvitag sensor data to server. Also as data is sent to we modified logic so that device id is used when data is stored, this way its possible to access all data that comes from certain device. URL for data is and DEVICE_ID can be found from bottom screen of the application

Plus as extra we implemented Android Wear compatible user interface, large gauges that work well on smart watches.

Latest binary is now at:
And source code can found from Github:


Love this Jari thanks for sharing it.

A little more contrast between the background and the figures would be good old eyes :smile:

I have loaded to a cheap android 5.1 tablet and it keeps shutting down at varying intervals.

Returning this screen
Is it something obvious?


Fixed the intermittent shutting down by denying permission to open on start up in app permissions.

Just want to make the displayed numbers bigger and lighten the button backgrounds.


Sorry spoke too soon.
Intermittently shutting down.


Thanks @Motobiman, I’ll check and update code early next week


Thought I would update you on my experience.

I have three tags now in my small apiary of ten beehives.

The locking out of the app is a nuisance but it is still just about workable as is.

The remote location means there is no Wifi so a standalone app in a small tablet is my only option,

IMHO the numbers you are displaying are way too small and the colours used don’t have enough contrast against their background for clarity.

If I open the single item data pages the app always locks out.

Not sure if the dials add anything.

I guess too if I had ten or twenty tags in use at the same time in beehives close together I would need to be able to page down to display them all.


@jari.isohanni have you checked sensortag_fw data format 3 content for more data?

Or are you going just to stick with Weather Station FW?


@Motobiman @DiAleksi thanks for your feedback, I’m looking to update our this week, but currently I’m busy with other stuff.

In this app we are using data formats 1 & 2, we have applications that use data format 3 (sleep cycle monitor for Edison and cow activity monitor for Raspberry Pi) at some point we will integrate data format 3 to Android application too but thats not a priority now


I have updated our Android application based on comments received so far. You can download it from:

Also source in Github are updated


Like the new background but unfortunately the screen flicks instantly to the stopped page now no matter what I do.

It’s was intermittent before gathering data sometimes and then stopping.

Could it be because there is no internet connection in the middle of the fields?


It should not cause problems, but I’ll check. I did test with few devices 4.4.2, 5.1 and 6.x they all seemed to work, but I’ll do some test again


Just verified that network connection is not need, does it crash after you press “Start scanning” or before that? Also did give all needed permissions to app?


Crashes immediately after scanning requested if beacons are nearby.
If No beacons are around the circle spins forever with or without background scan selected.
Permissions are:
Approx location network based
Precise location gps n network based
Activity recognition
Read google config
Full network access view connections
Access Bluetooth n pairing
Run at startup


Thanks, are those beacons “basic” weather stations?


Yes sir
Before update beacons running ruuvi weather app were detected and displayed but that was frollowing numerous crashed and restarted at intermittent intervals.


Just to let you know, FWIW, this works fine on Samsung S5 phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. I am also looking for something to use for monitoring beehives and this seems like the perfect app and the update does make it much easier to see what is being displayed. What would be really useful, would be a way to link the mac addresses to a specific name tag so it showed the set name instead of the mac address, I also have three tags in an apiary so it would be useful to know which tags data I am seeing.