Zibee or not to zigbee? Requesting home automation setup insights

Requesting insights for home automation setup:

I was planning to make cloud integration to my Mitsubishi Air Pump through IFTTT to control temperature and monitor power consumption.
My requirements were pretty simple: Get humidity, tempretature and air pressure readings from different rooms and floors from my house. Store these measurements in Azure. Combine this data to weather forecasts and remote control my Air Pump unit remotely / automatically.
I have been browsing through the available options:

  1. Get a propriatory hub and sensors from one supplier
  • Setup should be quite straight forward and easy t oset up, but I dont like to be tied in one brand or company and dont like the fact how little I would have control on the whole system and how chatty hub would be to the outside world
  1. Create Zigbee2MQTT bridge
  • This option would give me more options for devices than the 1st one also would have more control. On the otherhand not too keen on building custom hardware nor running another server
  1. option 2 + use current hardware for MQTT bridge
  • Have a android TV Box (tz95 plus) which could run linux (armbian), but not too keen on wiping out my TV box firmware and possible breaking it.
  1. Use RuuviTags and have some option to publish readings while me and my phone are not present in the house. Use tz95 bluetooth connectivity (at lead keyboard is attached with some kind of bluetooth adapter) to read and WLAN publish RuuviTags readings to the cloud.

Are these even feasible or is there some other options I should consider?