Wirepas Connectivity Mesh Networking

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Anyone else using Ruuvi tags with Wirepas ?

Quite a few companies, but most of our Wiretaps users go directly through Wirepas. Is there a specific question?

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No, I’m simply eager to connect and exchange ideas with peers.


We’d love to get a discussion going on wirepas, as we are considering it for our commercial deployments.

Are you :smiley: / :tired_face: with it ?

main concern I guess would be battery life.

We have seen some Wirepas tags fail quickly in freezers because the battery cannot give enough power for initial scan. Otherwise Wirepas beacons should be good to go on RuuviTags, you can ask https://store.clemanis.com/en/iot/1202-ruuvi-wirepas.html for practical numbers.

Hi thanks for the input, yes we are indeed in the market of Freezer monitoringת so thanks for the headsup.

can we combat this behavior with a battery for extended temperatures? -40 to 70 (CR2477X) ? We order those from you just now.


We cannot really guarantee that even extended temperature range batteries would work in you application, as it depends on freezer temperature, Wirepas program and even the battery batch. I recommend that you pilot the program, tags and batteries in your environment before committing to this solution.

Tom and Osto -

We would be happy to help with this project at Wirepas. As @otso mentioned there is an scan period when Wirepas devices discover the network. Let me know how we can help!

@TomZ I sent you a LinkedIn note too.

Ben - Wirepas

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Hi @bencorrado and welcome to our forum :slight_smile:.

I’ll ping you on the Wirepas-related topics in the future and if you aren’t already at Ruuvi Slack please join at slack.ruuvi.com.

Hi I’m new to wirepas. Can you please highlight top 3 merits & demerits of wirepas tech? what are a few equivalent , competitive technology to wirepas? thanks! arin


@bencorrado can tell you the details about Wirepas


Where can I get more info about the payload content of received packets from Gateway through Wirepas API?

Thanks in advance.


It depends on the supplier of tags. Did you buy yours from https://store.clemanis.com/fr/iot/1202-ruuvi-wirepas.html or somewhere else?