Wildlife Tracking device devleopment?

My name is Eric. I am trying to develop a wildlife tracking device but I have run into a few problem areas since I don’t know a lot about the in’s and out’s of Bluetooth or GPS devices. So far the Ruuvi devices are the best fit I’ve found in terms of battery life and distance connectivity but the problem right now is size. I need a way to fit the Ruuvi package into a circular half dome with a .5"-.75" diameter and a .5"-.75" depth with very little weight, under 60 grams. can anyone help me figure this out? even if it is just pointing me in the direction of educational focus I would be very appreciative. I can give more details if you are interested in my project or need more info to help me figure out where to look for information.
Thank you

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I noticed that you have already made contact with Lauri and Jari on Slack, I’ll let you guys to take it from there, All input to this thread from the community is of course warmly welcome :slight_smile: