WiFi does not work

I installed my Gateway a week ago, using an Ethernet cable. Unfortunately the Gateway does hear all RuuviTags from near my router. So, I wanted to try different locations.

I disconnected the Gateway from the router and power, and moved it to another location. Then I connected it to power at the new location. Unfortunately I was not able to see any new WiFi network.

Do I need to reset the Gateway after having used it with Ethernet or is there another explanation? I did not use the included power unit to power up the Gateway but a different power source. The led on Gateway was blinking when I connected it to power.

Yes, you should reset it to setup WiFi connection.

Yes, like Denis said, please reconfigure by briefly pressing the configuration button. Here you can find the quick start manual:

Thanks for the help. I did not realise that a reset is needed to re-enter the Gateway configuration. Now I got WLAN working.

With WLAN, I have been able to try the Gateway at different locations for the best reception. I have not found a spot where I receive all RuuviTags reliably but some reasonably good spots, anyway. It is worth noting that I live in a 3-storey house, have RuuviTags on all floors and also outside. Earlier I put a RuuviTag in my car, but that did not work. Probably not with the Gateway either. In winter it would be nice to see when the car is warm enough inside.

The Gateway seems to stop receiving when RSSI falls below -85…-90 dBm. My phone reports RSSI of -95 dBm and still receives at such levels, occasionally. Also, at the same location the Gateway reports about 20 dBm better RSSI than the phone.