Widget doesn't update

I’ve got two tags, with firmware up to date and working fine, except the widgets on android both show data from December 2021 and 2022 respectively.

I’ve tested full reinstall, re-claiming, re-adding. Issue first noticed on OnePlus 9, but also on Galaxy Z Fold5.

Note that widgets require a Ruuvi Gateway router because widgets fetch data from Ruuvi Cloud and only Ruuvi Gateways are able to store sensor data to the cloud. Do you have one nearby the sensors and can you see data updating well on Station - Ruuvi web interface?

From your screenshot it looks to me that a Gateway (yours or maybe your neighbour’s) has routed data to Ruuvi Cloud a long time ago, and that’s why last updated time is shown like that.

Ah, my tags are just connected via BT. I’ve never had a GW. I didn’t see any disclaimer in the app that the widgets would require the Gateway. The sensors work perfectly in app, so I expected the widgets to just show what the app shows.

I’m not trying to use these remotely, but at home and in range of the tags, and the app is excluded from battery optimizations.