Which firmware to download?

I haven’t been following the developments and the forums for a while now, and now suddenly there’s too much to catch up with.

Last time I checked there was a single official firmware, which could do both Eddystone URLs and raw mode (protocol v3), and you could switch with a button.

Now the releases page has way too much noise (many various fixes, all the different branches are intertwined, not much explanation on which branch does what and which is stable) so I’m not sure what to install.

What I would really like to know is which version to download if I want to have raw mode with the new raw protocol v5.


How we should present the version better? Would links in README help?

Regarding your link, I happen to know that I need the dfu.zip file but this is not explained clearly to users in the readme. And I’m not sure about the raw v2 terminology, I know about raw protocol 3 and 5. Is v2 == 5?

It’s also confusing to see that 2.2.2 is a pre-release but 2.3.0 is tagged as latest release. Yet you recommend the older 2.2.2 version for the newer protocol.

Yes in general it would be best to have a section like this in the readme:

  • What are the eddystone_* packages for, what’s the stable branch version number
  • What are the ruuvi_* packages for, what’s the stable branch version number
  • What are the general characteristics of each package, like power consumption differences: some releases mention this but some don’t, so I have to look at prior versions to figure it out

Also version should be

  1. announced via LEDs on reset
  2. announced as first set of packets after reset
  3. announced via NFC after reset
  4. available via NFC any anytime
  5. a static const at a well defined location for access by debugger like j-link

The version can be read (with 2.2.2 at least) after connecting, it’s one of the announced attributes.