Which files use to flash correctly homemade tag?


First of all congratulations for your great achievement, I came across your website by chance and I wanted to make my own custom ruuvitag, so I made a PCB using schematics provided, unfortunately the problems arrive, I can not make the editing work, I flash the NRF52832 with the bootloader file "ruuvitag_b_bootloader_1.0.0.hex then the weather station.hex file but nothing works nor bluetooth detection nor the quie lights, rine does not happen, I tried with other bootloader b3_debug_bootloader.hex or b3_ production_bootloader.hex but nothing helps :frowning: …, to make matters worse, I am a very poor programmer against cons I’m certein that I do not have any problem with PCB routing, can you help me or better still transfer the files to use to program the ruuvitag and use it in weather station mode.

Thank you for your help.

Hey and welcome! You need also Bluetooth protocol stack aka Soft Device and the application code itself. See instructions here:

thank you for your quick answer, so I followed the tutorial by flashing the file S132 NRF52_2.0.0_softdevice.hex and the bootloader 1.0.0.hex now, a flashes quickly but there is no bluetooth detection ai- I did something wrong? , I do not know what to do to try to run, sorry to ask you all these questions but the software and I do not mix.

thank you again for your help.


Please flash Ruuvi Firmware 1.2.12, full version to your tag. The full version contains the softdevice, bootloader and application.

If the hex does not work for you, there is a hardware issue on your board (assuming it’s 1:1 same board).
EDIT: And press “B” after boot, green led should blink and you’re in the URL mode.


Thanks for your answer, everything works perfectly, thank you again for your help.