Where is the InfluxDB.db database file located in Raspbian/Ruuviberry?

Where is the InfluxDB.db database file located in Raspbian/Ruuviberry???

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/etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf includes (something like):

    dir = "/var/lib/influxdb/meta"
    dir= ...

Does that answer your question?

Or are you looking more for
“how does one get data from the database”?

In which case the answer would be more like :

curl --get 'http://ruuvipi:8086/query?' --connect-timeout 1 \
--data-urlencode "db=ruuvi" --data-urlencode \
"q=SELECT mac,last(temperature) FROM ruuvi_measurements where mac='DC4B596ED18B' tz('America/New_York') "


influx -precision rfc3339 -database ruuvi 
select mac,ceil(temperature*9/5)+32 from ruuvi_measurements where time > now() -2m group by mac tz('America/New_York')

Can you explain the curl commands in detail. I’m a newbie to this. Do I need to know the mac address of the RuuviTag(s) involved? Also, I’m in the Chicago area…


cURL is a very generic utility.

Influxdb is implemented to accept http queries.

influx is a command line interface similar to SQL.

Although I have not used the ’ friendly names’ feature of RuuviCollector /home/pi/RuuviCollector/ruuvi-names.properties suggests that you could use names instead of MAC addresses in influx select statements.

tz('America/Chicago') might be useful for you.

Please review the documentation I mentioned ( and perhaps the original versions) and let me know of addition clarification you need.

Ok, thanx.