I am going to buy many of those device
what is the real range before someone get the notification if there is a business promotion
and how many connection at the same time said a crowd of 5000 people the time it take to send to all

Range depends on the environment, if you have 5000 smartphones with WiFi and BLE on your signal is going to suffer at least a little from the noise. Test the range in the installation before the event and add some safety margin.

Since Eddystone advertisements are broadcast, number of receivers does not matter for receiving notifications.

lets said you are in a field no tree nothing and you have the best phone and also the worst phone
what is max what is the lowest I have in my hand estimote and range is 46 feet something must not work correctly but still the range is not 200 meter as they advertise ( tested on Ipnone 5s ) with the app they give on the radar menu

before I buy many of your device I need info on real range

Hi Sonat,

Like Otso said, the range depends on environment and also smartphone (receiver). Did you check our Youtube channel and this video? Estimote range you say is only 46 feet ~ 14 meters? That’s very short range.

setting on estimote cloud

Broadcasting Power
Strong (10dBm)
Maximum Range
~ 200 m / 650 ft
Advertising Interval
300 ms

but in fact outside in a strait line got 46 feet

The beacon does not support +10 dBm transmission power, max is +4 dBm. Maybe you set the power to -10 dBm accidentally?

0 + 4 + 10 and also in the minus I figure out that 10 it is the most power available
-4-8 -12-16- 20- 40

I am about to buy your beacon I have 6 estimote in my hand but for real business I think your look better for the range, I am correct or I make a mistake

do not forget they are use only for advertise promotion nothing else

Even if Eddystone app allows you to set the transmission power to +10 dBm, the hardware in nRF52 does not support that power. You can try the range with +4dBm setting.

what about software to send advertise like estimote the HERE & NOW
can I use the same cloud.estimote.com with your beacon are they compatible or I need to use something else

I’m not familiar with Estimote Here & Now. However, our beacons are Eddystone-compatible, so if Here & Now works with any Eddystone beacon there’s a good chance it will work with RuuviTags

can you guys have a look and test
it will also be good for future tech support with other customers

the here and now have a title, website link, description I found that very good
the only thing missing is a good beacon so if you mix your device with that software that could be amazing


I need the best and easy solution for software
ADVERTISE ONLY 2000 beacon


I looked a bit into Estimote’s Here and Now. It seems that they use a proprietary configuration protocol detailed here: https://community.estimote.com/hc/en-us/articles/200868188-How-to-modify-UUID-Major-and-Minor-values- .

RuuviTag does not have support for this configuration service as of right now, however if you can obtain the API docs it might be possible to implement the configuration service.

In future we’ll aim to support nrfcloud which would support gateways and tag configuration.

At this monent right now
No. Title
No. Website link
No description

Please confirm

Could you please clarify the question?

Do you have any software that do this
At this monent right now for your beacon

Website link

RuuviTag is a bluetooth beacon, not a management platform for the beacons. You could check out Proximi.io, they have RuuviTag tutorial available on this forum.

Otso, I am new to these forums. Based on the conversation it sounds like you are a staff member who deals with the Ruuvi devices. Is this a true statement? If so I would very much like to speak with about some questions that I am having.
thank you

Hello Ericraybon,

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

You can chat with us on Slack, send us email (info@ruuvi.com) or open a thread here, possibly highlighting one of staff members (i.e. @otso ).