Web updates not in sync

The information on station.ruuvi.com is not synced consistently. I have attached a picture with two screenshots, taken 10-20 seconds apart, with a forced browser refresh in between.

To me it seems that the first screenshot has updated the temperature value but not the graph. This is the out of sync concern I have. The second, after the forced browser refresh, the value and graph seem to be in sync.

My question that it that would it be possible to update the graph when the value is updated?

This is probably an issue in browser caching we’re using to reduce the Ruuvi Cloud bandwidth requirements. @io53 please take a look

The values are updated every minute, while the graphs are updated every 15min (from the “sparse” data storage). As it’s a small graph showing 3 days of data so in most cases I think that is fine. But if there are rapid changes it does look odd.

Maybe that latest loaded datapoint from the values could be appended to the graph to make it match the values… :thinking:

If the latest displayed value and graph do not match, people may become unhappy and not trust Ruuvi results.

In most cases, however, the error is not visible. In my case, positive vs. negative values, it was quite clear.

If you can do something about it, please do. But this is probably not critical.