Weatherproof? Destroyed outside

Hi. Love the RuuviTag. But I’m dissapointed about it seemingly not being weatherproof.

I put one outside on the terrace to measure weather conditions a couple of months ago, but it died pretty quick. Seems it got moisture under the protecting cap, that destroyed it. I think it should withstand normal weather conditions, to be ’weatherproof’?

RuuviTag is IP67 certified which means that it’s a dust tight and can withstand 30min under water:

Because of the nature of this spec and also because water on the breathing sticker can make humidity & pressure measurements inaccurate, we suggest not to leave RuuviTag in direct contact with water:

English quick start manual:

However, still, the breathing sticker should not let the water in like this (even the air humidity goes in and condensation can happen in some cases) so would be good if we could investigate the enclosure in more detail in case of an assembly or a material error. Could you please contact and we’ll check if a replacement can be delivered to you under the warranty. @henri

Thanks for the quick reply! The sensor was placed under a table, so no direct hard rain should have been able to hit it. On the basis of this, it seems more of a condensation problem to me.

But I’ll take contact with sales and send it in to you for analysis.