Weather station without a Raspberry Pi

Hi there, I’ve read a few tutorials on how to make a weather station with a RuuviTag and a Raspberry Pi, but I was wondering if there were any for doing so on a different type of machine?

I have a VM server here that I’d like to add a bluetooth dongle to and use for the same basic purpose – will most of the collection code for this work, or is it specific to what’s in the Raspberry Pi? Has anyone successfully done this?

Thank you!

I think having a VM server with a dongle should be fine as long as it supports HCItool

Should work just fine, nothing is Raspberry Pi specific. The tools and libraries used are ‘generic’ Linux ones, so as long as you have a relatively normal Linux installation everything should just work

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Cool, thank you! I got some stuff working but don’t have it logging everything quite yet. I’ll keep at it.